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“Benov, Vasilev & Natskov” Law Firm  is a Bulgarian law firm formed by the merger of Vasilev Consult© Law Office and the law office of atty. Ventsislav Benov. 

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Together with our broad network of legal affiliates we offer a wide range of services in almost all fields of civil and public law.

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Trademark registration

Among the frequently asked questions that lawyers and law firms dealing with copyrighttrademarks,industrial design, etc. (intellectual property law) receive from their business and corporate clients are those regarding the various types of registration procedures a trademark could go through and the legal protection provided by those registration procedures. Despite the introduction of a number of successful brands of foreign companies in Bulgaria, many of official importers of those trademarks are still not aware whether the trademark is granted legal protection for the territory of Bulgaria, what requirements should be fulfilled in order to provide such legal protection, how the trademark owner should give the licensee the rights of an ordinary or exclusive license over the trademark for the territory of Bulgaria, what steps need to be taken so that licensee rights are enforceable against third parties.

Insurance law basics

  The legal relationships connected with insurance agreements (insurance policies) and their fulfillment / non-fulfillment, filing claims against the insuring company, the insuring company recourse claims against the tortfeasor and a number of issues related thereto are all part of the subject of insurance law. Generally speaking, insurance law regulating legislation could be found in the Insurance Code of Bulgaria (IC), the Contracts and Obligations Act of Bulgaria (COA) and the Commercial Act of Bulgaria (CA).

  Although insuring companies often come up with new kinds of insurances, from a legal point of view the insurance agreements (insurance policies) can only stipulate insurance types explicitly provided for in the law. They range from indemnity insurance, contingency insurance and savings insurance, to third-party insurance, third-party insurance being a type of a indemnity insurance.

How the judgment rendered on the ground of Art. 632 (5) Commercial Act effects the insolvency assignee powers

  Just like the way enforcement procedure against debtors is associated with bearing a number of expenses, insolvency proceedings - regulated by the Commercial Act and representing a kind of universal compulsory execution against debtors[1] – may involve many and different costs, as well. 

[1] In Bulgaria insolvency proceedings may only be initiated against a trader thus the insolvency debtor must bear commercial characteristics. The Bulgarian insolvency law does not know personal insolvency.