Commercial and Corporate

  1. Registration of a/an:
  • - ET;
  • - General partnership;
  • - Limited partnership;
  • - Partnership limited by shares;
  • - Cooperation;
  • - NGO;
  • - Foundation
  • - Limited liability company;
  • - Single member limited liability company;
  • - Joint-stock company;
  • - Single member joint-stock company;
  • - European Economic Interest Grouping;
  • - European Company;
  1. Intermediation and cooperation with regard to the settlement of relationships with sales representatives.
  2. Mergers and acquisitions.
  3. Liquidation of companies.
  4. Insolvency.
  5. Commercial deals.
  6. Securities. Securities transactions.Shares. Bonds.
  7. Banking law.
  8. Insurance law.
  9. Drafting website general terms and conditions.

Property law

  1. Construction and real estate transactions.
  2. Real estate status research.
  3. Cooperation with regard to the provision of construction documentation.
  4. Establishment of easements.
  5. Changing the detailed urban plan and the designation of property.
  6. Communal ownership.
  7. Joint-ownership problems.


  1. Real pledge.
  2. Special pledge.
  3. Ordinary and legal commercial pledge.
  4. Banking pledge.
  5. Legal and contractual mortgage.
  6. Collateral under the FCAA (Financial Collateral Agreements Act).
  7. Surety.

Intellectual property law

  1. Copyright and neighbouring rights.
  2. Registrations, protection and transactions with trademarks and geographical indications.
  3. Registrations, protection and transactions with patents and utility models.
  4. Industrial design.
  5. Registrations, protection and transactions with new plant varieties and animal breeds.
  6. Know-how disclosure agreements.
  7. Franchising.

Social security and employment law

  1. Consultation and cooperation with regard to employment agreements.
  2. Consultation with regard to rights of the employee and the employer.
  3. Cooperation and representation upon employment disputes.
  4. Consultation with regard to rights and obligations of natural persons and entities.
  5. Cooperation and representation before the National Social Security Institute, the National Health Insurance Fund and the National Revenue Agency with regard to social security matters.

Administrative law

  1. Cooperation and defense with regard to procedures before administrative organs.
  2. Representation and defense upon individual, general and normative administrative acts court appeal.
  3. Indemnifications upon wrongful acts and omissions of the state and the municipalities.
  4. Legal defense upon wrongful acts and omissions of the administration.
  5. Legal defense upon administrative penalty imposition and enforcement proceedings.

Tax law

  1. Tax registration procedures.
  2. Administrative and court defense against wrongful tax audit acts.
  3. Representation and defense upon collection of public state receivables proceedings.
  4. Representation and defense upon various administrative procedures under the Tax and Social Security Procedural Code.

International private law


  1. Preparation of agreements with foreign entities and natural persons.
  2. Consultation, representation and cooperation upon disputes with foreign entities and natural persons.


Contractual relationships with the state and the municipalities


  1. Public procurement.
  2. Concessions.
  3. Relationships under the new Public-Private Partnership Act.




  1. Representation upon civil claim proceedings.
  2. Representation upon administrative court proceedings.
  3. Representation upon interim measures proceedings.
  4. Representation before arbitration.


Enforcement proceedings (realization of receivables)


  1. Issuance of enforcement orders and instant enforcement orders.
  2. Initiation, cooperation and representation upon enforcement proceedings before private bailiff / state bailiff.


Insurance law


  1. Preparation, discussion and analysis of insurance agreements.
  2. Filing and defense upon direct claims against insurance companies. Insurance claims upon property insurance andlife” / „accident insurance.
  3. Recourse insurance company claims against  tortfeasors.


Maritime law

  1. Ships and sailing vessels. Property rights and privileges.
  2. Carriage of goods agreements.
  3. Charter agreements.
  4. Maritime services agreements.
  5. Marine insurance.
  6. Breakdowns. Boat collisions. Ship rescue.
  7. Liability and liability limitation.
  8. Ship arrest.

Energy law

  1. Consultation with regard to the legal aspects of the production, import, export, transfer, distribution and trade with electric and thermal energy, natural gas, oil and oil products.
  2. Consultation and preparation of the legal aspects of energetics business plans.
  3. Representation, legal defense and cooperation upon registration, license and other procedures under the Energetics Act, the Water Act, etc.


Medicinal products and medical devices


  1. Consultation with regard to the judicial basics of medicinal products and medical devices.
  2. Trading medicinal products and medical devices.
  3. Administrative procedures.


Inheritance law

  1. Consultation towards elucidating hereditary rights volume.
  2. Consultation and cooperation upon handwritten / notarized last will and testamony preparation .
  3. Acceptance and waiver of heritage. Acceptance of heritage by inventory.
  4. Restitution of impaired preserved hereditary rights.
  5. Court and freewill partition. Pre-death partition.


Family law

  1. Matrimonial property. Marriage contract.
  2. Civil action divorce. Divorce by mutual consent.
  3. Establishment of ancestry. Alimony and money support.
  4. Child adoption. International child adoption.
  5. Parental rights.
  6. Full or limited judicial disability placement. Trustee / guardian appointment proceedings.