Bankruptcy and insolvency procedures

W hen it comes to commercial insolvency, the clients of Benov & Vasilev Attorneys at law can rely on competent legal expertise and comprehensive assistance during all stages of the insolvency proceedings – from the preliminary steps before starting the court procedure, through opening the proceedings and announcing the debtor insolvent/over-indebted, selection/appointment of bankruptcy trustee, filing, contesting and claim protection in connection with asserted receivables, preparation, offering and execution of a recovery plan, liquidation proceedings and final stages of insolvency.

The law firm’s staff encompasses two qualified bankruptcy trustees. In the complex dynamics of the relations between the various participants in the insolvency proceedings Benov & Vasilev Attorneys at law offers individual and fully compliant with the law decisions for successful and full satisfaction of your receivables, as well as for conducting a universal enforcement procedure sparing for your business and its assets.