Enforcement procedures and collection of receivables

T he overall situation of intercompany indebtedness often leads to the need for forced collection of debts. The lawyers at Benov & Vasilev Attorneys at law have significant experience in the field of enforcement proceedings and debt collection. The law firm offers its clients, in accordance with the specifics, expert assistance in each stage of the enforcement process – from filing an application for a writ of execution, through initiating an enforcement case and choosing the appropriate enforcement actions, to legal representation and taking enforcement action aimed at satisfaction and receipt of the due amounts.

Enforced debt collection can often be delayed and the creditor may not be able to find satisfaction from the debtor’s available assets. Pre-securing a claim is one of the possible solutions against such situations, thus largely guaranteeing the creditor’s ability to be satisfied with the available property. The current practice of our law firm shows that the preliminary securing of a claim often leads to voluntary settlement of the dispute and prevents the possible development of a future lawsuit. In this regard, Benov & Vasilev Attorneys at law provides procedural representation and assistance to its clients in proceedings for securing future claims, provision of security orders and actual imposing of the security.

Our law firm offers its clients legal advice and assistance in participating in public sales, organized by private/state bailiffs/public agents at the NRA/bankruptcy trustees.

Our law firm is partner of the world-wide debt recovery platform Debitura.