Family and inheritance law

Family and inheritance law are delicate areas of law in which it is necessary for the lawyer providing legal assistance to understand both the legal and the moral and ethical aspects of the case in equal depth. The team of Benov & Vasilev Attorneys at law provides its clients with expert legal advice in the field of family and inheritance law, tailored to the specifics of each case and taking into account the basic complexity of family relations.

The experts of the law firm assist our clients in all aspects of family and inheritance law, such as concluding marriage contracts, preparing documents in divorce cases (divorce by mutual consent), conducting negotiations between spouses or consultations in connection with family property – real estate and movable assets.

The relationship between the heirs and the disposal of the deceased person’s property can also be complicated and lead to various disputes. The law firm successfully advises its clients on various cases related to inheritance matters – division of property (judicial and extrajudicial), preparation of wills, consultations on the size of inheritance shares, preparation of documents in case of renunciation of inheritance, etc.